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Training Program

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the strongest pillarTraining
& Placement Cell

The T&P team working
continuously under the leadership of Prof. Abhishek Swaroop & Mr. Sanjay Dureja.

The modern era is highly competitive, enabling us with a myriad of opportunities. Technology is drastically changing, and it is difficult to pace up with constantly evolving avenues in the digitalised set-up. Training and Placement Cell at BPIT aims for the overall development of students grasping the future of digital society. We strive hard to impart knowledge based on blended learning where theoretical and practical knowledge culminates in ambitious, goal-oriented students empowered with rational understanding.

BPIT aspires to build the perceived importance of technical competence with embodied perception. We expose the students catering to the demand of the ever-changing industry in the early phase of their journey with an objective to develop a comprehensive skill set. For that purpose, in-house competency has been developed over the years in all the key areas that are significant for the placement and other diverse career paths for the students. The paramount areas in which training is provided are listed below:
1 Quantitative Aptitude
2 Logical Reasoning
3. Verbal Skills
4. Programming
5. Data Structures & Algorithms
6. Group Discussion & Interviews
7. CORE subjects
8. Web & Mobile Development
9. System Design
10 Guesstimates
11 Case Studies
12 SQL
Technical training from renowned institutions, guest lectures by industry personnel and industrial visits are key attributes of our training programme.