With the aim to let students explore their creative facets, the society helps them in acquiring new qualities, enabling them to grow socially as well as mentally. Participation in art society ensures that students step out of their academic shoes and step into artistic ones.


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Avaran, the dramatics society of the institute names itself from avails of happiness, ignorance and shadows that cover all truths of life, thus becoming the cloth that wears the fire to light the torch of acknowledgement.

Got 1st position in state youth festival. Now we are selected for nationals and will be representing Delhi.


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Music is an art that connects our hearts! Music is the most pious essence in the world, capable of healing the sorest wound. It helps us relate ourselves to the almighty, thereby giving the human mind access to the realm of spirituality.


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Maverics is the dance society of the institute, initiated in 2012. Encompassing all forms of dance, the society believes in engaging the dancer not only in technique based training but also finer nuances like expressing and breathing from soul, and inspiring them through the medium of dance.


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With the ability to mould a perfect model out of any individual, the society puts its hard work and determination to ignite the spark within and doesn’t step back from experimenting anything new in fashion.