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Tech Societies & Conferences

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Conference Series Conducted by CSE Department

S.No Conference Title Dates
1 1st International Conference on Computing Informatics
and Networks ICCIN 2K14 
3rd – 4th Jan 2014
2 2nd National Conference on Computing, Informatics &
Networks – NCCIN -2k18
3rd May 2018
3 AICTE Sponsored 3rd International Conference on
Computing Informatics and Networks ICCIN 2020- 29/07/2020-30/07/2020
29th – 30th July 2020

All Technical Societies

Vision: IEEE BPIT aims to make the students aware about the recent advances in technology and recognizes the contribution of technology and technical professionals in the global world. Mission: 1. To help students develop technical skills. 2. To conduct Industry-Institute for developing technical competency and imbibing corporate culture among the students. 3. To promote collaborative learning among the students
IEEE BPIT is a technical society of Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology which aims to spread technical awareness amongst students, to help students develop technical skills, to give them a professional outlook, to encourage them to participate in various technical competitions held in various universities, conducting workshops, seminars etc. IEEE BPIT is a subordinate of the world’s largest technical professional organisation which promotes the engineering process of creating, developing, integrating, sharing and applying knowledge. IEEE publishes leading journals, transactions, letters and magazines in electrical engineering, computing, biotechnology, telecommunications, power and energy and dozens of other technologies which all are available electronically.
Faculty Coordinator Student Coordinator
Dr. Shweta Taneja Associate Professor, Deptt of Computer Science. Mr. Sanchit Gupta, Student of CSE 4th year.

CSI (Membership No.) – I02328
Vision To enhance professional development while sustaining a sense of community Mission To enhance career and professional development of the students for specialization in computer engineering To conduct research & training opportunities for the students and to encourage research capability for effective problem analysis and development of solutions. To organize team building networking events, this will enable the students to perform in dynamic environments with ethics and moral values. To initiate events and opportunities for sustained professional development, this will empower the students to sustain an effective lifelong learning.
Introduction – The BPIT-CSI (Computer Society of India) Student Chapter was inaugurated in October 15, 2013. The Inauguration was by professor H.N. Had (Chairman, Division CSI Delhi section) and Professor R.K. Vyas (Regional VP-CSI). The mission of the CSI is to facilitate research, knowledge sharing, learning and career enhancement for all categories of IT professionals, while simultaneously inspiring and nurturing new entrants into the industry and helping them to integrate into the IT community. The CSI is also working closely with other industrial associations, government bodies and academia to ensure that the benefits of IT advancement ultimately percolate down to every single citizen of India. With more than 250 CSI members , this society has been constantly working towards providing a platform for the CSI members of Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology to project their talents and nurture their technical skills throughout their course. The society has seen tremendous participation from all over the departments of the institution and has contributed significantly in expanding the technical knowledge among students through various events workshops and industrial trips. These events made this Student Chapter recognized as the one which imparts knowledge development and participation in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology for the young and interested student members of the chapter. The Student Chapter of Computer Society of India at Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology is comprised of an administrative department called CSI-BPIT Student Council which oversees and executes various activities under this chapter. The members of this Council are student members of the chapter which are selected by an extensive interviews and work experience in management and show promise of commitment towards achieving the goal of the chapter. Furthermore this Student Council also incorporated a scheme of promoting its coordinators on the basis of performance in coordinating the events and activities irrespective of the year they were pursuing the bachelor’s degree. This Student Council also had corporative relations with the other CSI Student Chapter at Bhartiya VidyaPeeth (BVP) University, Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology (MAIT) and Delhi Technological University (DTU).

Faculty Coordinator Student Coordinator
Ms. Palak Girdhar, Assistant Professor, Deptt of Computer Science. Manya Bharadwaj, Students of CSE 4th year

Vision : The vision of the FOSS Cell is to encourage and promote the use of Free and Open Source Software and related areas such as Open IoT / Hardware, Assistive Technology, Language Computing, Open Drone and GIS etc., amongst the students and teachers of the institution to make it utilize in all possible ways. Mission: Each FOSS Cell shall accomplish by associating with ICFOSS and its programmes, as well as with other FOSS community, industry and research organizations, and taking up programmes including training & capacity building, student projects, lectures & seminars, conferences and exhibitions, by participating at the institutional level as well as inter-institutional, state, national and international levels. The Student Ambassadors of ICFOSS will support this mission. Aforesaid, if and only if student ambassadors are not available for a particular institution, ICFOSS can directly assist to the extent possible.
To promote the use of FOSS technologies and applications among students and faculties and to encource them in contributing towards the community development in FOSS, ICFOSS has initiated setting up of FOSS Cells in educational institutions, in the year 2015. The Cell’s activities are bound in participation with the members of the institutions and ICFOSS. These deeds of the Cell aims in promoting FOSS activities through a group of interested students and teachers of the institution, on a voluntary basis.
Faculty Coordinator Student Coordinator
Dr. Charu Gupta, Assistant Professor, Deptt of Computer Science. Ms. Abhishek, Student of CSE 4th year.
Vision For newbie developers, collaborating on open source projects is the fastest way to learn – it’s like labs for tutorials. For senior developers, contributing to and collaborating on open source help sate the desire to build cool things that matter, along with building up bragging rights in the tech community. That’s why every now and again, a poll surface that displays the companies or individuals who contribute the most to Open Source. Mission Over the last half-decade, the number of young people in India embarking on a career path in software has been on the rise as a tech renaissance sweeps across the continent. From senior developers working full-time jobs or freelancing from the comfort of their homes, to junior and mid-level programmers honing their craft, the developer community is turning to open source as a way to level up and attain world-class status.
International Organisation of Software Developers has a remarkable track record of providing quality level education in sync with present technologies in the form of SIG’s, organizing various national level fests and events such as Hackathons and Internship Fairs and regular meetups to never lose motivation to succeed. Such a dynamic community helps in harnessing great minds who love to give back to the community. As an example, various students from IOSD have been placed in many dream companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Unacademy, Tower Research and many more. All these traits make IOSD the best of the best community for an engineering student.
Faculty Coordinator Student Coordinator
Ms.Mugdha Sharma, Assistant Professor, Deptt of Computer Science. Mr. Abhishek, Student of CSE 3rd year.
VISION To helps the students and motivate them to develop the skills through various competitons as it is the best form to assess one’skill. Mission To develop the skills of the students by assisting them to build technical skills and provide them an edge in the competitive market.
We have started a New Developer Circle in different colleges as #Define for the betterment of the colleges and college students in terms of coding, development and many more. Join us for free No Fees for enrollment.
Faculty Coordinator Student Coordinator
Ms.Akanksha Dhamija Assistant Professor, Deptt of Computer Science. Mr. Sumant Student of CSE 3rd year.




“Words influence eternity,
Forking thy soul, they transcend oblivion”


The Literary society of BPIT, ‘Kalam’ derives its name from the only ineffable sword i.e. pen. The
bilingual Literary society provides a space that fosters various forms of intellectual discussions
as well as unique and simulating social expressions. Recognising themselves as enthusiasts of the
written word, the members’ interests stretch from group discussions, debates and extempore to poetry
and quizzing. The members of the Literary society along with the other students of the Institute
participate zealously in the organisation of the Literary Fest ‘ELOQUENCE’. They also partake in the
publication of the Institute’s annual magazine ‘EXPLORICA’.