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Faculty Publications (WoS)

S.No. Author Names Paper Title Journal Name Year ISSN No.
1. Deepak Tiwari Sensitivity analysis and multi-objective optimization of organic Rankine cycle integrated with vapor compression refrigeration system Energy Sources Part-A (Taylor and Francis) 2021 1556-7036
2. Deepak Tiwari Exergy, economic and environmental analysis of organic Rankine cycle based vapor compression refrigeration system International Journal of Refrigeration (Elsevier) 2021 0140-7007
3. Charu Gupta XCOVNet: Chest X-ray Image Classification for COVID-19 Early Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks New Generation Computing 2021 1882-7055
4. Himani Multi-image steganography and authentication using crypto-stego techniques Multimedia Tools and Applications, Springer 2021 1573-7721
5. Abhishek Swaroop Lightning‑Based Lion Optimization Algorithm for Monitoring the Pipelines Using Linear Wireless Sensor Network Wireless Personal Communication 2020 0929-6212
6. Abhishek Swaroop Local Mutual Exclusion algorithm using fuzzy logic for Flying Ad hoc Networks Computer Communications 2020 0140-3664
7. Bahadur Singh Pali An innovative continuous power generation system comprising of wind energy along with pumped-hyo storage and open well IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy 2020 1949-3029
8. Bahadur Singh Pali Uninterrupted Sustainable power generation at constant voltage using solar photovoltaic with pumped storage, Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments (ELSEVIER) 2020 2213-1388
9. Deepak Tiwari Thermodynamic analysis of simple and modified organic Rankine cycle and vapor compression refrigeration (ORC‐VCR) systems Environmental Progress and sustainable Energy (Wiley) 2020 1944-7450
10. Deepak Tiwari Thermodynamic analysis of Organic Rankine Cycle driven by reversed absorber hybrid photovoltaic thermal compound parabolic concentrator system Renewable Energy (Elsevier) 2020 0960-1481
11. Jatin Gaur Physical Model Based Method to Generate Channel Coefficients for Nakagami-m Distribution Wireless Personal Communication 2020 0929-6212
12. Jayant Bhardwaj Haar Wavelet transform-based optimal bayesian method for medical image fusion Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing 2020 2397-2411
13. Megha Agarwal Ultrawide band two-port MIMO diversity antenna with triple notch bands, stable gain and supressed mutual coupling AEU- International Journal of Electronics and Communication 2020 1434-8411
14. Sandeep Sharma Analysis and Design of Single and Dual element bowtie microstrip antenna embedded with planar long wire for 5G wireless applications Microwave and Optical Technology Letters 2020 0895-2477
15. Sandeep Sharma Implementation of four port MIMO diversity microstrip antenna with suppressed mutual coupling and cross polarized radiations Microsystem Technologies 2020 0946-7076
16. Sandeep Sharma Theoretical Analysis and Design of High Stable gain antenna with ultrawide band Capabilities and suppressed back radiations Wireless personal Communications 2020 0929-6212
17. Abhishek Swaroop A mutual exclusion algorithm for flying Ad hoc networks Computers and Electrical Engineering 2019 0045-7906
18. Bahadur Singh Pali A novel photovoltaic system with pumped water storage for continuous power at constant voltage Energy Conversion and Management (ELSEVIER ) 2019 0196-8904
19. Charu Gupta Senti-NSetPSO: Large Sized Document Level Sentiment Analysis
using Neutrosophic Set & Particle Swarm Optimization
Soft Computing 2019 1432-7643
20. Deepak Tiwari Optimization of cyclic parameters for ORC system using response surface methodology Energy sources Part A, Taylor and Francis 2019 1556-7036
21. Deepak Tiwari Parametric optimization of Organic Rankine cycle using TOPSIS integrated with entropy weight method Energy sources Part A, Taylor and Francis 2019 1556-7036
22. Deepika Sandil Protein functionalized WO3 nanorods based impedimetric platform for sensitive and label-free detection of a cardiac biomarker Journal of Material Research 2019 0884-2914
23. Kavita Segwal A Nonlocal Theory of Current-iven Low Frequency Modes in a Magnetized Strongly Coupled Collisional Dusty Plasma IEEE transactions in Plasma science 2019 0093-3813
24. Sandeep Sharma Design of 4 Element microstrip array of wideband reflector antenna with stable high gain characteristics Microsystem Technologies 2019 0946-7076
25. Abhishek Swaroop Energy Efficient Management of Pipelines in Buildings Using Linear Wireless Sensor Networks sensors 2018 1424-8220
26. Bahadur Singh Pali A novel pumped hyo-energy storage scheme with wind energy for power generation at constant voltage in rural areas Renewable Energy (Elsevier) 2018 0960-1481
27. Charu Gupta ClusFuDE: Forecasting low dimensional numerical data using an
Improved Method based on Automatic Clustering, Fuzzy
Relationships and Differential Evolution
Applications of Artificial Intelligence
2018 0952-1976
28. Deepak Tiwari Optimization and thermo-economic performance analysis of organic Rankine cycles using mixture working fluids driven by solar energy Energy sources Part A, Taylor and Francis 2018 556-7036
29. Deepali Virmani Reckoning number of eye blinks using eye facet correlation for exigency detection Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems (IOS Press) 2018 1064-1246
30. Deepika Sandil Biofunctionalized tungsten trioxide-reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites for sensitive electrochemical immunosensing of cardiac biomarker Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2018 0925-8388
31. Kavita Segwal Current iven Low frequency electrostatic waves in a collisional strongly coupled magnetized dusty plasma IEEE transactions in Plasma science 2018 0093-3813
32. Kavita Segwal Theoretical modelling of an ion beam iven Kelvin Helmholtz instability in a plasma cylinder having negatively charged dust grains IEEE transactions in Plasma science 2018 0093-3813
33. Sandeep Sharma Bandwidth Enhancement with multiple notch bands and Cross- Polarization Suppression of Microstrip Patch antenna for modern wireless applications Wireless personal Communications 2018 0929-6212
34. Achal Kaushik A Cognitive Channel Allocation Model in Cellular Network using Genetic Algorithm Wireless personal Communications 2017 0929-6212
35. Achal Kaushik A model for resource management in computational grid using sequential auction and bargaining procurement Cluster Computing 2017 1386-7857
36. Deepak Tiwari Thermo-economic and multi-objective optimization and comparisons of low grade solar heat source powered saturated and superheated organic Rankine cycle using butane/R1234ze Journal of Renewable and sustainable Energy (American Institute of Physics) 2017 1941-7012
37. Deepak Tiwari Energy and exergy analysis of solar driven recuperated organic Rankine cycle using glazed reverse absorber conventional compound parabolic concentrator (GRACCPC) system Solar Energy (Elsevier) 2017 0038-092X
38. Deepak Tiwari Grey relational analysis coupled with principal component analysis for optimization of the cyclic parameters of solar driven organic Rankine cycle Grey system Theory and applications (EMERLD) 2017 2043-9377
39. Deepika Sandil Biofunctionalized nanostructured tungsten trioxide based sensor for cardiac biomarker detection Material Letters 2017 0167-577X

Student Publications


S.No. Author Names Paper Title Conference / Journal Name Year Indexing
1. Monika Arora, Priyanshu Mehta, Divyanshu Mittal, Prachi Bajaj Word-Level Sign Language Gesture Prediction Under Different Conditions ICICC 2020 2020 Springer
2. Pooja Mudgil, Arpit Choudhar,, Bhavya Sethi, Garima Chhabra CNN Performance Evaluation for Image Classification ICCIN-2020 2020 Springer
3. Monika Arora, Vrinda Mittal, Priyanka Aggarwal Enactment of tf-idf and word2vec on text categorization ICCIN-2020 2020 Springer
4. Deepali Virmani, Gurpreet Singh, Lokesh Aggarwal, Mansi Gupta Ensemble model using hybridization of angles and distances for emotion recognition (HADER) ICCIN-2020 2020 ESCI
5 Devanjali Relan, Deepti Jain, Vrinda Mittal Robustness of Fourier Fractal Analysis in Differentiating Subgroups of Retinal Image ICDSSA 2019 2019 ESCI
6. Monika Arora, Vishakha Gautam, Aayush Pipal SoundEx Algorithm Revisited for Indian Language ICICC 2018 2018 Springer