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Professional Laboratories

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Professional Laboratories

R & D Laboratory: Lab 306(a)

Department of CSE has a full-fledged Research and Development Laboratory in congruence with Live Smart Solutions Pvt. Sol

As a part of the vision of the department, the CSE department has set up the required infrastructure and facilities to enable the students to go through real time experience while pursuing their studies. The students are working
on automation(domotic) projects. They have recognized their efforts by delivering products like self-driven cars and Wi-Fi Lock.

  • Software in the LabPython, RaspberryPi, Octave, R, Ruby
  • Lab InchargeDr. Vishal Khatri, Mr. Shailendra Singh Gaur
  • Lab TechnicianMs. Ekta Sharma

E-yantra Robotics and Embedded Systems Lab Lab 111(b)

E-yantra project is an initiative by IIT Bombay that aims to create the next generation of embedded systems engineers with practical outlook to help and provide practical solutions to some of the real world problems. The department
of CSE developed an e-yantra robotics lab with collaboration with IIT Bombay to train the students in embedded systems and micro-controller programming by engaging them through the project based learning mode.

  • Software in the LabFire Bird V
  • Lab InchargeDr. Charu Gupta, Mr. Shailendra Singh Gaur
  • Lab TechnicianMs. Parul

R & D Laboratory (EEE)

EEE department has developed an activity based research center named Innovation & creativity Hub. This center is equipped with the tools/equipment required for innovation activities, and the models describing various principles of electrical engineering. The purpose of this center is:
• to make better understanding of the students, with the principles of electrical engineering through activity based learning.
• to help the students in making their projects.
• to promote the research activities.
• to physically realize the ideas of electrical engineering.