Principal Prof. Payal Pahwa

“Leaders become great not because of their power but because of their ability to empower others.”

The world is witnessing a shift of power from the old to the young. The change-makers are no longer the one who leads from the front but is the one among the followers, guiding and empowering from within.

At BPIT, education is not only a platform to develop the total personality of a person, but also a medium to transform the society into a caring, collaborative and responsible unit of cultured individuals. I take pride in announcing that BPIT is the first self-financing Institution in GGSIPU to have NBA accreditation in all the undergraduate courses: CSE, ECE, IT and EEE.

Our institution is committed to provide the highest possible standards of teaching, research and innovation to its students. However, this commitment has been possible under the able guidance of our Hon’ble Chairman Sir Sh. Atam Prakash Kaushik ji and due to the hard work and dedication of highly skilled and professional faculty members associated with this institute. Our vision goals are far beyond academic excellence. We want our students to grow as leaders in various spheres. I pray to God to bless my students so that they have an excellent career.