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Medical Room

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Medical Room

The medical room is well equipped with basic health facilities and the stakeholders are being provided primary health care. It is well stocked with the basic medicines, a Blood Pressure Monitor, Thermometer, ASD equipments and has a bed for patient. The college has in house medical assistance facility for the stakeholders i.e. BPIT staff, faculty members and students. A doctor visits the college on a regular basis. In case of emergency, patient is transferred to the Brahma Shakti Hospital in Budha Vihar or Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Hospital near Rithala Metro Station. A wheelchair and a vehicle (for ambulance) are also available for the medical emergencies.

Recently the Institute has appointed a highly qualified Psychiatrist to take care of psychiatric disorders of all stake holders free of cost. Besides, Dr. Poonam Kathuria, who has vast experience in yoga science and counseling, imparts counseling on Psychological issues to all stakeholders.