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Department Events

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S.No. Seminar/Expert Talk Conducted Date Expert Name and Details
1 Webinar on College to Corporate 28-Jan-21 Ms. Ramsha Sultan, Entrepreneur & You tuber, Freelancer
2 Webinar on Tactics of Share Markets 26-05-21 Sri Harsha, Managing Director, Shine Project
3 Guest Lecture on Case studies in teaching 15-01-20 Mr. Amit Poddar, Senior Regional Head, Time Group
4 Guest Lecture on Mutual Funds as a saving and Investment Tool 12-02-20 Mr. Bhupinder Singh, Managing Director, Investment Planet
5 Webinar on Overcome Challenges and Accelerate Success 10-06-20 Dr Praveen Bhatia, Robotic, Bariatric Surgeon, Sir Ganga Ram hospital, Delhi
6 Webinar on How to Build Vocabulary for Competitive Exams 17-06-20 Tarannum Naseem Raza, Professional Career Counselor, Time Group
7 Webinar on Indian Management Paradigm: It’s Application in Global Context 25-07-20 Mr Amit Chaturvedi, Researh Lead Financial Research, Evalueserve
8 Webinar on Jobs or Post Graduation 09-09-20 Mr.Navneet Anand, National head, CL Educate LTD.
9 Webinar on Guestimates 29-10-20 Mr. Sunil Dua, Senior Regional Head, Time Group
10 Seminar on Role of Media in our life 18-01-19 Mr. Vijay Kumar, Senior Marketing Manager, Times of India
11 India Resources Conclave, 2019 21-01-19 Ms. Nishtha, Panelist Centre for Economic Policy Research
12 Seminar on Fundamental and Technical Analysis 06-02-19 Mr. Vijay Kaushik, Senior Faculty, AIFMR
13 Seminar on Mutual Funds and its working 11-02-19 Mr. Bhupender Singh, CEO & Founder, Investment Planet
14 Seminar on CMA and its scope in India 15-02-19 Mr Fenil Vedakkan, Country Head Institute of Management Accountants
15 Seminar and panel discussion on the topic “Emerging trends in technologies and Micro Finance” 19-02-19 Mr. Rahul Verma, Senior Branch Manager National Insurance Corporation of India
16 Seminar on recent marketing strategies, distribution channels and logistics management 11-03-19 Mr. Kumar Gaurav, Aggarwal Logistics Manager, Hallonix India
17 Essential Skills required for corporate sector 02-08-18 Mr. Shiv Anand, CEO, The Consulting Crew
18 Personality Development and confidence building 02-08-18 Mr. Manish Sharma, CEO and Chief Training Analyst, MRS Training Services
19 Bridging the gap between college to corporate 03-08-18 Mr. Anand Mohan, HR Manager Times Group
20 Seminar on Strategic Leadership 01-10-18 Dr. Phil Laird, Vice Provost, Trinity Western University
21 Seminar on Trading and settlement mechanism of Stock Exchanges, Pre and Post session Trading 09-10-18 Mr. Amit Kumar, Sr. Technical Analyst NSE India


S.No. Topic of Workshop Date Expert Name and Details
1 Workshop cum seminar on Data Analytics in Consumer Behavior 12-03-19 Mr. Vishal Jain, Marketing Manager Samatrix
2 Workshop: Corporate culture and ethics in Finland 23-04-18 Marc Clein, Professor HAMK, Finland
3 Workshop on Advanced Excel 3-08-18 Mr. Parth Shukla Sr. Technical Executive Microsoft Imagine Academy
4 Workshop on Resume Making and Mock Interviews 27-08-18 – 29-08-18 Mr. Manish Sharma CEO and Chief Training Analyst MRS Training Services
5 Workshop on Drug Free India 10-10-18 Ms. Bhawna Paul & Mr. Amit Chopra, Founders, Drug Free India


S.No. Conference Title Date
1 International Conference on Business Practices and Innovations in Public Sector: E- Learning, E- Management, E- Business 20-05-21
2 National Conference on Business Practices and Innovation in technology, NCBPIT, 2019 06-12-19


S.No. Title Date Expert Name and Details
1 FDP on Advanced Time Series and Panel Data Analysis 02-05-20 – 06-05-20 Dr.Miklesh Yadav, AMITY University
2 FDP on Introduction to Excel and its application 28-05-18 – 01-06-18 Mr. Parth Shukla, Sr. Technical Executive, Microsoft Imagine Academy