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S.No. Seminar/Expert Talk Conducted Date Expert Name and Details
1 Webinar on College to Corporate 28-Jan-21 Ms. Ramsha Sultan, Entrepreneur & You tuber, Freelancer
2 Webinar on Tactics of Share Markets 26-05-21 Sri Harsha, Managing Director, Shine Project
3 Guest Lecture on Case studies in teaching 15-01-20 Mr. Amit Poddar, Senior Regional Head, Time Group
4 Guest Lecture on Mutual Funds as a saving and Investment Tool 12-02-20 Mr. Bhupinder Singh, Managing Director, Investment Planet
5 Webinar on Overcome Challenges and Accelerate Success 10-06-20 Dr Praveen Bhatia, Robotic, Bariatric Surgeon, Sir Ganga Ram hospital, Delhi
6 Webinar on How to Build Vocabulary for Competitive Exams 17-06-20 Tarannum Naseem Raza, Professional Career Counselor, Time Group
7 Webinar on Indian Management Paradigm: It’s Application in Global Context 25-07-20 Mr Amit Chaturvedi, Researh Lead Financial Research, Evalueserve
8 Webinar on Jobs or Post Graduation 09-09-20 Mr.Navneet Anand, National head, CL Educate LTD.
9 Webinar on Guestimates 29-10-20 Mr. Sunil Dua, Senior Regional Head, Time Group
10 Seminar on Role of Media in our life 18-01-19 Mr. Vijay Kumar, Senior Marketing Manager, Times of India
11 India Resources Conclave, 2019 21-01-19 Ms. Nishtha, Panelist Centre for Economic Policy Research
12 Seminar on Fundamental and Technical Analysis 06-02-19 Mr. Vijay Kaushik, Senior Faculty, AIFMR
13 Seminar on Mutual Funds and its working 11-02-19 Mr. Bhupender Singh, CEO & Founder, Investment Planet
14 Seminar on CMA and its scope in India 15-02-19 Mr Fenil Vedakkan, Country Head Institute of Management Accountants
15 Seminar and panel discussion on the topic “Emerging trends in technologies and Micro Finance” 19-02-19 Mr. Rahul Verma, Senior Branch Manager National Insurance Corporation of India
16 Seminar on recent marketing strategies, distribution channels and logistics management 11-03-19 Mr. Kumar Gaurav, Aggarwal Logistics Manager, Hallonix India
17 Essential Skills required for corporate sector 02-08-18 Mr. Shiv Anand, CEO, The Consulting Crew
18 Personality Development and confidence building 02-08-18 Mr. Manish Sharma, CEO and Chief Training Analyst, MRS Training Services
19 Bridging the gap between college to corporate 03-08-18 Mr. Anand Mohan, HR Manager Times Group
20 Seminar on Strategic Leadership 01-10-18 Dr. Phil Laird, Vice Provost, Trinity Western University
21 Seminar on Trading and settlement mechanism of Stock Exchanges, Pre and Post session Trading 09-10-18 Mr. Amit Kumar, Sr. Technical Analyst NSE India


S.No. Topic of Workshop Date Expert Name and Details
1 Workshop cum seminar on Data Analytics in Consumer Behavior 12-03-19 Mr. Vishal Jain, Marketing Manager Samatrix
2 Workshop: Corporate culture and ethics in Finland 23-04-18 Marc Clein, Professor HAMK, Finland
3 Workshop on Advanced Excel 3-08-18 Mr. Parth Shukla Sr. Technical Executive Microsoft Imagine Academy
4 Workshop on Resume Making and Mock Interviews 27-08-18 – 29-08-18 Mr. Manish Sharma CEO and Chief Training Analyst MRS Training Services
5 Workshop on Drug Free India 10-10-18 Ms. Bhawna Paul & Mr. Amit Chopra, Founders, Drug Free India


S.No. Conference Title Date
1 International Conference on Business Practices and Innovations in Public Sector: E- Learning, E- Management, E- Business 20-05-21
2 National Conference on Business Practices and Innovation in technology, NCBPIT, 2019 06-12-19


S.No. Title Date Expert Name and Details
1 FDP on Advanced Time Series and Panel Data Analysis 02-05-20 – 06-05-20 Dr.Miklesh Yadav, AMITY University
2 FDP on Introduction to Excel and its application 28-05-18 – 01-06-18 Mr. Parth Shukla, Sr. Technical Executive, Microsoft Imagine Academy


  2. NIRF Ranking
    BPIT is ranked among first 300 Engineering institutes in country by the National Institute Ranking Framework 2021 (MHRD).
  3. NBA accreditation
    BPIT is the only self financing institute affiliated to GGSIP University whose all UG engineering programs are accredited by NBA.

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