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Department Projects

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Student’s Projects (IT)

  • PoS SaaS (Point of Sales Software as a Service) is a final year project by three IT final year students (2014-18) namely, Karan Sood, Rajat Dua and Tridev Mishra. The customer sitting at any table in the customer may access the online menu of the restaurant using a QR code, may read online reviews, place their orders and pay their bills. The order will immediately reach to the kitchen and to the billing desk and manager’s desk. This project makes the life of customer as well as owner easy. The product is being marketed and gaining popularity
  • Anti Car Theft system is a project developed by Deepti Kumari and Tarun Gupta final year students (2014-18) of B.Tech. IT. The main aim of the project is to reduce events of car theft in INDIA. It generates an alert.
  • Smart home system is a product developed by Raghav Mittal and Mohit Malhotra final year students (2015-2019) of B.Tech. IT. under the guidance of Mr. Madhur Jain. The project won second prize in inter college competition organized by GGSIP University in June 2019.