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Department Labs

S. No. Lab No. Lab Name Faculty Lab In-Charge Lab Technician
1. 9-A Electrical Machines-I& II Lab Mr. B.S. Pali Mr. Rajesh Vats
2. 111 Scientific Computing lab, Neuro Fuzzy Lab & Electrical Machine Design Lab Ms. Neha Khanduja Mr. Vishal
3. 202 Electrical Technology Lab Mr. H. K. Rujput Mr. Munna Lal
4. 203 Power Electronics Lab, Energy Conservation Lab & Utilization of Electric Energy & Traction Lab Mr. Sanjay Upreti Mr. Rajesh
5. 208 Circuits & Systems Lab, Power System-I & II Lab Ms. Shalini Sharma Mr. Munna Lal
6. 408 Control System Lab, Sensors & Transducers Lab Mr. Puneet Dixit Mr. Hardev
7. 6-B Electric Drives Lab, EEMI Lab Dr. Shikha Gupta Mr. Hardev

Labs Being Conducted for Students

S.No. Lab Subject Name Code
1 Electrical Technology Lab ETEE-153
2 Electrical Machine-I Lab ETEE-253
3 Circuits & Systems Lab ETEE-257
4 Scientific computing Lab ETEE-259
5 Elecrical Machine-II Lab ETEE-252
6 Power System-I Lab ETEE-256
7 EEMI Lab ETEE-258
8 Control Systems Lab ETEE-260
9 Sensors & Transducers Lab ETEE-351
10 Power Elecronics Lab ETEE-353
11 Power System-II Lab ETEE-352
12 Utilization of Electric Energy Lab ETEE-354
13 Electric Drive Lab ETEE-451
14 Advanced Control System Lab ETEE-453
15 Neuro & Fuzzy Lab ETEE-452