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Department Events

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S.No. Seminar/Expert Talk Conducted Date Expert Name and Details
1 Webinar on Electric Vehicle & Smart Cities 19/07/2021 Mr. Ankit Tayal, Co-Founder & Director, Pochocki
2 National Webinar on Topic Solid State Transformers: Configurations, Applications and Challenges 07/11/2020 Dr.Pradyumn Chaturvedi, Department of EE, VNIT Nagpur
3 Nation webinar on The Essence of Vitrual Instrumentation using LabVIEW 31/12/2020 Mr. H. K. Rajput, Asstt. Professor BPITi
4 Expert talk on Reactive power compensation in Transmission lines using power electronics 28/01/2020 Dr. S. C. Kapoor , former GM BHEL
5 Expert lecture on Electromagnetic Fields and their Application 24/12/2019 Dr S P Mathur
6 Expert lecture on Digital India 11/11/2019 Mr. R K Singh, Engineer –in-chief (retired), AIR & Doordarshan


S.No. Topic of Workshop Date Expert Name and Details
1 Online Hands training sessions on PLC 05/01/2020 Mr. H. K. Rajput


S.No. Conference Title Date
1 National conference of on Recent Trends in Electrical, Electronics And Communication Engineering 24-Jan-2019


S.No. Title Date Expert Name and Details
1 In House FDP on EMEC Concepts 10/01/2020-11/01/2020 Prof. A. K. Tandon, BPIT
2 Two week ISTE STTP on Electric Power System July 2017 IIT KHARAGPUR