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Seminar/Workshop/Expert Lecture (Jan-May 2020)

S.No. Topic Date Expert Name and Details  Event 
1 CCNA & CCNP 05-Feb-20 Mr.Ajit DUCAT Industrial Workshop
2 Virtual Lab 11-Feb-20 IIT Delhi Workshop
3 VLSI and Embedded System Design 09-Aug-19 Dr.S.C.Kapoor Expert Lecture
4 “How to lead a better and balanced life” 20-Aug-19 Mr.Sunil Dang,Life Coach Guest Lecture
5 5G and IoT 26-Aug-19 Xinoe Systems, Gurgaon Workshop
6 Power of Habits 30-Aug-19 Mr.Gopal Krishan Murthy Guest Lecture
7 Electronaut ( R & D society of ECE) 12-Sep-19 HOD ECE and students of ECE Orientation Programme
8 Stay above the noise. Cut through the hype, make smarter business decisions. 16-Sep-19 Prof. Murali Shanker Guest Lecture
9 Tree Plantation Drive 19-Sep-19    
10 Employbility of Engineers 24-Sep-19 Mr. TP Ganesh, Regional Manager, Ingram Micro India Ltd Placement Talk
11 Electromagnetic Field and its Applications 23-Oct-19 Dr.Satnam P.Mathur Expert Lecture
12 Digital India: Focus on Broadcasting 11-Nov-19 Mr.R.K.SinghCurrently vice president of Asian Education Group and Technical Consultant of DUCR Former Engineer-in-Chief of Doordarshan Inhouse Electronics Workshop
13 Relevance of Electronics in Healthcare Industry 13-Nov-19 Prof. Inamdar Expert Talk
14 Recent Trends in Electrical , Electronics and Communication Engineering 24-Jan-19 Dr.Amita Dev, Vice Chancellor, IGDTUW Prof.(dr.) Bhim Singh, Dean(Academics), IIT Delhi Mr. Asit Tandon, VP, Hutch Indonesia National Conference RTEECE-2K19
15 Road Safety Awareness Drive by Delhi Police 18-Mar-19 Delhi Traffic Police Guest Lecture
16 General Election 2019 and use of EVM 08-Apr-19 Dr.Satyendra Singh Dursawat,Magistrate and District Election Officer District  Guest Lecture
17 Next Generation Communication 12-Sep-18 Mr. Sumit Bhatnagar,Director(HR),  Dell, Banglore Expert Lecture
18 System Designing with Smart Controller 10-Oct-18 Mr. Akhil Chaudhary , MD, Binary Symentics Guest Lecture
19 MATLAB and its applications 22-Oct-2018&23-Oct-2018 VTIPS MATLAB Training Institute Workshop
20 5G and IoT 11-Nov-18 Mr. Srinath Nate, Director, Xinoe Systems, Gurgaon Expert Lecture
21 Research challenges in Wireless Sensor Networks 23-Jan-18 Prof. S. InduDean(Academics), DTU  Workshop
22 Networking through WebTek Labs 16-Feb-18 Mr Rameshwar Vaishya, Accenture Expert Talk
23 Digital and Analytics 31-Mar-18 Mr. B.K. Khatri, Director, HCL Technologies Noida Industrial Interaction
24 Embedded System Design 15-Apr-18 Mr. Ramesh Sharma, VP, Cadence, Noida Workshop