Professor Dr. Snekha Thakran

Academic Qualifications

B.E., M.E. Ph. D.


8 months (Industry), 6 months (Teaching)

Areas of Interest

Control Systems, Machine learning and Image processing.



about the Professor

Dr. SnekhaThakran received her B.Tech degree (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) from GGSIPU and M.Tech degree (Signal processing and digital design) from DTU Delhi. She has received Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India. Her research interest is Medical image processing, Quantitative analysis using multi-parametric MRI, Machine learning (feature extraction, selection, and classification) and application of control systems. She is also interested in developing methods and software tools for medical image processing and data analysis. She has published 17 research papers in various journals and conferences, both national and international. She has filed one patent (CBR No: 14971, Application Number: 2098/DEL/2014). Her citations are 16, and h-index is 2.