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Professor; Deputy Director; HOD(Chemistry) (Dr.) C. R. Jagga

Academic Qualifications

Ph.D. (IIT Delhi), M.Sc. (Honours School) Panjab University, Chandigarh


36 Years

Areas of Interest

Solid State Chemistry/Tribology-the science and technology of friction, wear and lubrication. Residual life-estimation of turbine lubricants using RBOT (Rotary Bomb Oxidation Test).

National Publications20

International Publications12


about the Professor

He retired as a faculty (Chief Scientific Officer) of Industrial Tribology Machine Dynamics & Maintenance Engineering Centre (ITMMEC), IIT Delhi in August 2006 and completed the academic year there till June 30th, 2007. In his 30 years of independent research and development experience at IITD, before joining BPIT on 1st September 2008, he has to his credit more than 75 industrial consultancies in condition monitoring of rotating machines through lubricant and wear debris analysis (WDA), assessment of residual life of power plant lubricants and boundary lubrication. He has successfully used his background of basic science of chemistry in development of methodologies for industrial problem solving for BHEL, NTPC, and TOTAL Lubricants and other industries. He has guided four Ph.D. theses (one singly and 3 jointly), twenty M. Tech. dissertations and published/presented more than 30 papers in international and national journals/conferences. He has delivered a number of lectures on lubrication and lubricants in as many as five short-term in-plant training courses in Tribology and Maintenance in major steel manufacturing and power generation plants of the country. He coordinated for 3 years the M. Tech programme in Industrial Tribology and Maintenance Engineering. His teaching experience at post graduate (MTech), and under-graduate levels at IIT Delhi and BPIT both adds up to 39 years.