Professor &HOD(Maths) Dr. Arunima Kumari

Academic Qualifications



20+ Years

Areas of Interest

Multi Objective Optimization Techniques & Variational Inequalities

National Publications09

International Publications11


about the Professor

Dr. Arunima has vast teaching and Research experience. She has keen interest to introduce numerical optimization techniques to solve vector-valued function. She has served in various reputed educational institutions like Lingya’s Institute of Technology, Faridabad (Haryana) & BIT, Muzaffarnagar, UP which are affiliated with MDU and UPTech University respectively. She haspassionate in mathematical education and curriculum developmentand she tried to avail every opportunity to develop her teaching experience and promote mathematics. She teaches applied mathematics, discrete mathematics in UG courses and Operational Research in UG as well as PG courses.One student has completed his M.Phil. under her supervision. She is member of RGMIA, Research Group of Mathematical Inequalities and Application,IEEE and reviewer of Mathematical Analysis and Applications.