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Cultural Activities

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AboutCultural Activities

BPIT emphasises on the holistic development of the students. The Cultural activities are one of the events of extra-curricular activities which provide conducive environment to the students to enhance the aesthetic, artistic, intellectual or social development. When students get involved in cultural activities, it gives a great boost to their self-esteem. This swelled head helps them to face the outer world more confidently.

In this high tech world, every student yearns to acquire the knowledge of every field to stay updated. Co-circular activities play a vital role in the life of students to achieve their desired goal and build an ability to sustain in any environment. Social/cultural activities not only help students to identify themselves with the Institute but also assist students to develop themselves in a desired field as well as improve skills such as organizational, presentation, leadership and interpersonal communication.

Looking at the paramount importance in the overall development of students, BPIT encourages all extra-curricular activities that meet the needs of the students along with the educational objectives of the Institution. BPIT believes that cultural activities are the art as well as the intangible shared values and practice of a community.