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Department Labs

S. No. Lab No. Lab Name Faculty Lab In-Charge Lab Technician
1. 108-A Programming Lab Ms. Meenakshi Dhamija Mr. Amit Sharma
2. 108-B Network and Security Lab Ms. Kritika Ms. Ekta Sharma
3. 108-C Database Lab Ms. Akanksha Ms. Parul
4. 110 Project Lab Ms. Mugdha Sharma Ms. N. Bhatia
4. 220-A Soft Computing Lab Ms. Deepti Jain Mr. Pinku Rana
5. 401-A Recent Trends and Technology Lab Ms. Nikita Nijhawan Mr.Vivek Sharma
6. 306-A Research & Development Lab Mr. Dinesh Bhardwaj Ms. Ekta Sharma
7. 111 E-Yantra Lab Ms. Charu Gupta Ms. Parul

Labs Being Conducted for Students

S.No. Lab Subject Name Code
1 Fundamentals of Computing Lab ETCS-157
2 Programming Lab ETCS-154
3 Data Structure Lab ETCS 255
4 Computer Graphics and Multimedia Lab ETCS 257
5 Computer Organisation and Architecture Lab ETCS 254
6 Database Management Systems Lab ETCS 256
7 Object Oriented Programming Lab ETCS 258
8 Algorithms Design and Analysis Lab ETCS 351
9 Software Engineering Lab ETCS 353
10 Java Programming Lab ETCS 357
11 Operating Systems (Linux Programming and

Administration) Lab

ETCS 352
12 Computer Networks Lab ETCS 354
13 Web Engineering Lab ETCS 356
14 Information Security Lab ETCS 451
15 Software Testing and QA Lab ETCS 453
16 Wireless Communication Lab ETCS 455
17 Data Mining and Business Intelligence Lab ETCS 457
18 Mobile Computing Lab ETIT-452
19 Machine Learning Lab ETIT-454
20 Object Oriented Software Engineering ETIT-456
21 Principles of Programming Languages ETIT-458