Selected Student’s Projects (CSE)

The department of CSE teaches its students the curriculum through Project Based Learning (PBL). The department encourages its students to actively participate in research and development to enhance their technical and reasoning skills. The students actively engage themselves in various real life projects and exchange ideas to break down invisible barriers through PBL. The students have developed the following real life projects under R&D Cell.

  • Self-Driven Car
  • Home Automation
  • Smart Door Lock

Quadcopter Major Project (EEE)

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Student’s Projects (IT)

  • PoS SaaS (Point of Sales Software as a Service) is a final year project by three IT final year students (2014-18) namely, Karan Sood, Rajat Dua and Tridev Mishra. The customer sitting at any table in the customer may access the online menu of the restaurant using a QR code , may read online reviews, place their orders and pay their bills. The order will immediately reach to the kitchen and to the billing desk and manager’s desk. This project make the life of customer as well as owner easy.
  • Anti Car Theft system is a project developed by Deepti Kumari and Tarun Gupta final year students (2014-18) of B.Tech. IT. The main aim of the project is to reduce events of car theft in INDIA. It generates an alert.

Selected Student’s Projects ECE

  • “Smart Reflect: Biometrically Authenticated Availability System for ECE Department” won second prize in University Inter College Project Competitions -2018. This project is guided by MrJatin Gaur.
  • Students at R&D Centre in BPIT, under patronage from our honorable
    Chairman, Shri Atam Prakash Kaushik,have developed an intelligent Ground
    Vehicle(Automated Intelligent System.
  • “Sign-Language Translator Android controlled Gesture Bot” won third prize in University Inter College Project Competitions -. This project is guided by Ms Usha Sharma.