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In order to provide hands on experience to the students, Applied Science department is equipped with modern labs which cater the curriculum requirement as well as extracurricular activities besides helping the students in designing good projects.

Our Labs

Physics Laboratory

Department of Physics having Physics-1 Lab for I and II semester . Physics lab is well equipped with all the modern gadgets and instruments. Each practical batch comprises of 30 students with two students working together on one set of equipment. First semester experiment are based on the optics and mechanics which covers the phenomena of Interference, Diffraction, Polarization and optical instruments. For I semester physics lab is divided into two part, one is dark room for optics experiment and other is research arena for mechanics experiments.

For II semester, practical based on the theory of Electro magnetism, Magnetism, Semiconductor and Nuclear Physics.

We have a wide range of experiments like pendulums, Hall Effect, BH Curve, e/m, Four Probe, Stefan’s constant, PE Curve etc. Thermal experiments include Lee method, Dispersive power of prism, Newton ring, He-Ne laser, Platinum resistant thermometer (PRT) etc. We have High precision CROs, measurement devices like IC testers, multimeters, function generators, audio oscillators etc

  • Location Room no-101
  • Lab InchargeDr. Kavita Segwal
  • Lab TechnicianMr. Ranbir Singh

Chemistry Laboratory

The Applied Chemistry Lab is well equipped for catering to the teaching needs of B. Tech, first year students. In I semester, students are taught the course ‘Applied Chemistry Lab’ in which they are trained to carry out volumetric analysis for estimating different properties of water samples such as hardness, alkalinity, amounts of different metal ions etc. In II semester, the course entitled “Environmental Studies Lab’ is taught. In this, students are made to carry out analyses of waste water samples to assess physical parameters such as pH, conductivity, turbidity etc. In addition, they are made to understand how to volumetrically analyse the content of dissolved oxygen, dissolve carbon dioxide, ammonia, residual chlorine etc. in any given water sample.
The lab has a range of instruments such as Glass digestion unit, COD digester, pH meters, conductivity meters, turbidity meters, TDS meters, spectrophotometers, lab incubator, oven and electronic balance.

  • Location Room no- 116
  • Lab InchargeDr. Beenu Arora

Language laboratory

Language Lab in Humanities Department is fully air-conditioned, well spacious and equipped with computers, microphones, an internet connection, overhead projector, screen, sound system, audio/ video recording facilities and seating arrangement for conducting various activities. The following activities are conducted in the Language lab:
4-Group Discussion
6-Power Point Presentation
8-Interview Skill

These activities are conducted with an aim to develop communication competence in prospective engineers so that they are able to communicate information as well as thoughts and ideas with clarity and precision. These activities help the students to ameliorate oral communication both in formal and informal situations. The activities in the language lab are designed to assist the students in achieving Course Outcomes (COs).

  • Location Room no- 220 (EduSat Lab)

Mathematics Laboratory

The Mathematics Laboratory is fully equipped with latest hardware and software (Code blocks, Turbo C and C++). It is designed in accordance with the prerequisites of the curricula to enable simplication and comprehension of complex mathematical concepts through the development of programs. Students are encouraged to write programs on methodology on mathematical concepts and execute them successfully.

Workshop Practice Laboratory

Workshop Practice lab consists of fitting shop, sheet metal shop, welding shop, foundry shop, carpentry and machine shop with latest tools and machineries.

  • Location Room no- 8 & 9
  • Lab InchargeDr. Neeta Sharma
  • Lab TechnicianMr. Suresh

Engineering Mechanics Laboratory

The primary purpose of the study of engineering mechanics is to develop the capacity to predict the effects of force system and analyze resulting motion while carrying out the creative design functions of engineering and the practical knowledge of polygon law, truss, inclined plate etc. is given with latest equipment.

  • Location Room no- 7
  • Lab InchargeMr. Pradeep Sharma
  • Lab TechnicianMr. Mukesh Mishra

Engineering Graphics Laboratory

Designing becomes more effective when the technical information is conveyed just by drawings. This lab is well furnished and knowledge like drafting tools, geometric construction, projection, hatching etc. is provided.

  • Location Room no- SH 01
  • Lab InchargeMr. Pradeep Kumar
  • Lab TechnicianMr. Dharamveer Rohilla