Affiliated To GGSIPU, Delhi A unit of Bhartiya Brahmin Charitable Trust ISO 9001:2008 Certified

There are following Six laboratories in Information Technology department.

  • 1. System Programming & Multimedia Lab

    The assembly language is the language in which efficient system programs which require the knowledge of internal architecture of the processor are designed. In this lab, the assembly language programming is taught to the students using open source simulators. The practical related to basics of computer graphics and multimedia are also part of System Programming & Multimedia Lab.

  • 2. Data Structure & Algorithm Lab

    The lab primarily is primarily used to handle practical aspects of Data Structure & Algorithms which are one of the most fundamental subjects for Information Technology and are required in almost every field and every aspect related to Information Technology.

  • 3. Software Engineering & Testing Lab

    Software Engineering & Testing Lab allows the students to learn the basic concepts of software engineering, software life cycle and developing reliable software systems. The manual and automatic software techniques are also practiced by the students.

  • 4. R & D lab

    R& D Lab is sponsored by Livesmart Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and is jointly owned with Computer Science & Engineering Department. The technical persons from Livesmart Solutions Pvt. Ltd. mentor our students involved in current projects related to Internet Of Things, Automation, Image Processing and Machine Learning. The students visit the development site of Livesmart Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to get a feel of real development environment along with the technical guidance.

  • 5. Web Technology Lab

    Internet is the glue which converted the world in the global village. In Web Technology Lab, the various technologies required to develop web applications.

  • 6. Latest Technology Lab

    The Information and technology field is changing at a very rapid pace. Every year some new technologies appear and some old technologies become obsolete. Keeping this in mind Information & Technology department recently set up a Latest Technologies Lab which is still emerging. The purpose of this lab is to give exposure to latest technologies to students which may not be part of their syllabus.

All laboratories of Information Technology department are fully air-conditioned, well spacious and equipped with latest hardware and software. All the systems in the laboratories are connected with intra-net as well as with internet via a dedicated 200 Mbps dedicated link via fiber optical cable.

The experiments in the laboratories are designed in a way so that these may help the students in achieving Course Outcomes (COs) and Program Outcomes (POs). Besides the experiments prescribed in the syllabus the students are asked to perform value added experiments and small group projects related to the subject.

The laboratories of Computer Science & Engineering are also being shared by the students of Information Technology. The vice versa is also true. The list of laboratories of Computer Science & Engineering being shared by our department is as follows:

  • 1. Computer Fundamentals & Programming Lab
  • 2. Network & Security Lab
  • 3. Database & Data Mining Lab
  • 4. Project Lab
  • 5. Soft Computing Lab
  • 6. High Performance & Ubiquitous Computing Lab