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Smart Reflect: Biometrically Authenticated Availability System for ECE Department

“Smart Reflect: Biometrically Authenticated Availability System for ECE Department” won second prize in University Competition -2018. This project is guided by MrJatin Gaur. Mirrors are ideal objects to be used as an unobtrusive display because of their large surface area and obvious their presence in our everyday life. We have additionally added smart features with the help of internet to expand the functionality of the display to enhance one’s digital well-being. The whole idea is focused on getting relevant information without distraction. This is different from smart phones. Smartphones provide us with a lot of information, both relevant and irrelevant everywhere and anytime. The ultimate goal is to bring about future changes to how people receive information. This paper details the construction, design and development of Smart Mirror, an Internet of Things or IoT based Smart Mirror device designed for homes, offices and commercial spaces. Because it depends on the ecosystem of devices connected to IoT, it may expand the capabilities of smartphones and smart watches, making people use their device less, while being presented with more information in a “smarter” way. We have developed the core of the mirror such that it can be personalized and customized for both personal and commercial use, anywhere desired. For example, before going to bed, the user may want to know weather data of next morning and traffic data just before leaving their house so that they can plan their commute; or it can be placed inside airport and train station’s washrooms to list the flight and train status respectively. The Smart Mirror thus can provide people with information unostentatiously while also maintaining aesthetics of the environment.


BPIT flag-off Unmanned Ground Vehicle-AIS

Marching from strength to strength, BPIT now stands in the community of best Technological Institutions, fostering quality education and innovations to promote R&D in areas of high relevance.

Students at R&D Centre in BPIT, under patronage from our honorable Chairman, Shri Atam Prakash Kaushik,have developed an intelligent Ground Vehicle(Automated Intelligent System).

To celebrate this success, BPIT have organized a Passing out Parade of the vehicle which was flagged off by Secretary of the trust Shri B N Sharma ji, in presence of Commodore Johnson Oddakal of Indian Navy on 4th September, 2014.

This achievement will be a torch bearer in research excellence and provide opportunity to create new horizons in the arena of Technical education and research in the country and rise to the level of World Class research centers.


Sign-Language Translator Android controlled Gesture Bot

“Sign-Language Translator Android controlled Gesture Bot” won third prize in University Competition -2018. This project is guided by Ms Usha Sharma. STAG Bot – Sign language Translator Android controlled Gesture Bot – is a single robotic hand that can translate text into finger-spelled letters and numbers. It is made using market available wooden hand mannequin and uses Arduino board, Servos and Bluetooth module. Wooden hand mannequin is used in order to bring down the total cost of project without compromising its durability. Small fish eye hooks are used as guides to the tendons. Nylon thread of high quality along with a rubber band system was used as tendons for the hand. The opening and closing of each finger was facilitated by using servos of sufficient torque. An Android application was designed to guide the servos which were controlled by an Arduino. Bluetooth was selected as the mode of communication between the hand bot system and controlling station.The system works by allowing the user to enter message to be translated into sign language through his android device. The message is then transmitted to hand robot via Bluetooth where Arduino intercepts the received message and activates finger joints according to the message received.