Affiliated To GGSIPU, Delhi A unit of Bhartiya Brahmin Charitable Trust ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Lab Resources

Electrical Machines Laboratory
Utilization of Electrical Energy Laboratory
Electric Drives Laboratory
Control Systems Laboratory
Electrical Technology Laboratory
Sensors and Transducers Laboratory
Neuro Fuzzy Lab
S.No. Name of the laboratory Name of important equipment
1 Electrical Machine-I lab Transformers, DC shunt generator, DC Compound generator, DC shunt motor
2 Scientific Computing lab --
3 Power System-I lab Transmission line model, earth tester, Cable fault locater, Model of single layer cable.
4 Control System Lab PID controller kit, AC servomotor kit, Synchro-Transmitter receiver pair kit.
5 Power Electronics Lab DC chopper, Series Inverter, OP Amp application kit, FET/MOSFET trainer kit.
6 Sensors & Transducers Temp. Sensor ch. Kit, speed measurement kit, liquid level measurement kit, temp. measurement kit, pressure measurement kit.
7 Utilization of Electric Energy & Traction Verification of inverse square law kit, CT, PT, Energy meter
8 Power System-II lab Thermal relay, Over voltage relay, over current relay, equi-potential line kit
9 Electric Drives Lab Fully controlled bridge converter, kit for speed control of DC motor, single phase half controlled drive, kit for speed control of induction motor.
10 Electrical Machine Design Lab Matlab software based experiments
11 Neuro Fuzzy Lab Matlab software based experiments
12 Energy Conservation Lab --

Laboratories of Electrical and Electronics department are well equipped, spacious and equipped with latest hardware and software. All the systems in the laboratories are connected with intra-net as well as with internet via a dedicated 200 Mbps dedicated link via fiber optical cable.

The experiments in the laboratories are designed in a way so that these may help the students in achieving Course Outcomes (COs) and Program Outcomes (POs). Besides the experiments prescribed in the syllabus the students are asked to perform value added experiments and small group projects related to the subject.