BHAGWAN PARSHURAM INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY                                      
Affiliated To GGSIPU, Delhi
A unit of Bhartiya Brahmin Charitable Trust
ISO 9001:2008 Certified



Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology (BPIT) has been promoted by the Bhartiya Bhrahman Charitable Trust, which was established in year 1974. The members of the trust are from various walks of life including many educationalist, industrialist, businessmen, architects, engineers, other professionals and also some philanthropists.

The trust is constantly involved in number of charitable programmes including professional education, health and upliftment of poor. Industrialist Shri Atam Prakash Kaushik, who is actively involved with the trust since its inception. He is also the President of the trust and Chairman of BPIT.



Sh. Atam Prakash Kaushik is the President of Bhartiya Brahmin Charitable Trust (BBCT) and also the founder Chairman of Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology (founded by BBCT in 2005). He is one of the five members, who formed the Bhartiya Brahmin Charitable Trust (BBCT) about 38 years ago. He is an industrialist by profession and philanthropist by nature. BBCT is the only charitable trust of Brahmins in the country and has about 380 trustees from various professions. The trust is constantly involved in a number of charitable programmes including professional education, health and upliftment of the poor. He is also a trustee of the Maharaja Agarsen Hospital and an Associate Member of Sant Parmanand Hospital. He holds several important honorary offices like: the Chairman of Hindustan Mercantile Association Dispute Committee; Member of Managing Committee of internationally known Shri Gauri Shankar Temple, Chandni Chowk; Member of Managing Committee of Sanskrit Vidhalaya, Ram Dal, Dariba; etc. For many years he has also remained President of Janta College Bawal (Haryana).


General Secretary


Shri Vinod Vats is the General Secretary of Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology and also the General Secretary of Bhartiya Brahmin Trust since 1990. He plays a vital role in the development of the institute. He also plays a key role in the organization and management of various social functions and samagams in North Delhi as a prominent active social worker. Being an active social worker, he has been holding many honorary offices. Few of these are: President of the Disciplinary Committee of Gaur Vidya Pracharini Sabah; Member of the Advisory Committee of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Hospital, Government of NCT of Delhi; Member of AD Hoc Committee of Technical Institutes in Delhi; Member of Gaur Brahmin College of Education, Rohtak; Member of Tika Ram Shiksha Sansthan, Sonepat; etc.


Shri B.N. Sharma is the Secretary of Bhagwan Parshuran Institute of Technology as well as Bhartiya Brahmin Charitable Trust. Being a good scholar, he has keenness for leadership which he demonstrated through students union in his college days in Calcutta. He is a successful businessman and an industrialist in the field of alloy steel in the country. He plays an important role in the management of this Institute. He is an active social worker and also the founder member and President of Pracheen Sanathan Dharam Sabah (Regd.), which was established in 1970. Because of his efforts and dedication, the Prachin Sanathan Dharam in 2002 dedicated the Shri Ram Jaanki Mandir in Sainik Vihar to the society. Being an industrialist, he has keen interest in the engineering and management education. He is actively involved in the overall development of the institute.


Vice President


Shri Surender Sharma is the Vice President of Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology as well as Bhartiya Brahmin Charitable Trust. He is a popular International Hindi poet (Hasyakavi). He sometimes uses the Marwari language for his humour as well. He is also famous in the literary circles in India. He is known to have caused many a laugh riots and an amazing fact about him is that he himself seldom laughs and maintains a poker face even when telling the most hilarious jokes. This demeanour is particularly liked by a lot of people, who find it very amusing.

In 2004, FM radio station, Red FM 93.5, started a daily show titled Sharmaji Se Poocho (Ask Mr. Sharma) featuring Surender Sharma. In this show, he gave prompt and humorous answers to callers questions.


Shri Naval Kishore Sharma(1925-2012) , Hon'ble Governor of Gujarat(July 2004- July 2009)


» Shri Atam Prakash Kaushik, Industrialist
» Shri Narender Sharma, Indutrialist
» Shri Bhure Lal, Senior Civil Servant, Govt. of India
» Shri Deep Chand Sharma, Chairman, DHFC, Govt. Of Delhi
» Shri Vinod Vats, Businessman
» Shri B.N. Sharma, Industrialist
» Shri Jai Prakash Gaur, Industrialist & Chairman J.P. Univ.
» Shri Surender Sharma, National Poet(Haasya Kavi)
» Shri Bhagirath Sharma, Industrialist
» Shri Shambhu Sharma, Industrialist
» Shri Hari Niwas Bhardwaj, Businessman
» Shri Mahavir Mudgal, Industrialist
» Shri Parmanand Bhardwaj, Senior Advocate


» Shri Atam Prakash Kaushik(Chairman)
» Shri Surender Sharma(Sr. Vice-President)
» Shri Narender Sharma(Vice-President)
» Shri Vinod Vats (General Secretary)
» Shri B.N. Sharma(Secretary)
» Shri Ram Babu Sharma
» Shri Bhagirath Sharma
» Shri Parmanand Bhardwaj
» Shri Hari Niwas Bhardwaj
» Shri Jagdish Prasad Sharma


» Prof. P.B. Sharma :- Former Vice Chancellor, DTU & RGT Univ., Bhopal
» Prof. R.Chandra :- Former Vice Chancellor, Meerut Univ. & Dean Faculty Of Technology, DU
» Prof. S.S.Murthy :- Prof. and Former Head, Dept. of Electrical Engg., IIT-Delhi
» Prof. A.P. Mittal :- Prof. and Head, Dept. of Instrumentation & control, NSIT, Delhi
» Prof. D.R. Kohli :- Former Prof. and Head Dept Of Electrical Engg., IIT- Roorkee
» Shri Vinod Mittal :- Chairman Balaji Group, New Delhi
» Shri P.D. Sharma :- Former chairman, Century Textile Co. Ltd., Bangkok
» Dr. A.K.Aggarwal :- Chief Executive Officer, Autometers Alliance Ltd., Noida
» Dr. J.K.N. Sharma :- Former Scientist, National Physical Laboratory ( CSIR) Delhi
» Sh. C.M. Vij :- Former Engineer-in-Chief, Municipal Corporation of Delhi
»Sh. Asit Tandon :- General Manager, Airtel and Former General Manager, Siemens India
» Sh. Manish Saldhi :- Manager, Microsoft, India